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A&C Automationssysteme & Consulting GmbH is an internationally operating company with its headquarter in Salzburg, Austria.

The worldwide acting business operates as consulting and engineering company in the categories process measuring and control technology, process control and automation technology.


In 1979 the company was founded as independent Consulting & Engineeringcompany (Leo Stadlmayr Electrical & Control Systems). 2004 it has been transformed to A&C Automationssysteme & Consulting GmbH. Nowadays the company is the 100% operative daughter company of A&C Holding GmbH.


Our company strategy is to react fast & flexible to meet the needs of our customers. We are tempted to generate long-term relationships to create benefits for the customer & for us. Thus both parties can profite from each others knowledge: to impart our system knowledge to our costumers and to improve ourself continuously in process technology.

Facts & Figures

  • Head office:
    Salzburg, Austria

  • Core team PCS specialists:
    in Salzburg
    several international partners

  • Operating:


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